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APFC Panel

APFC Panel

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels
Pasayadan Electricals manufacture and supply capacitor switching panels in a wide range of ratings which incorporates features  which correct the PF to the best possible amplitude or as per user's needs.

The control panels include all advanced technical features and also incorporate all necessary safety measures . The PF correction relay is micro-controller based instrument which measure the PF of the load from one CT.The relay has facility for setting the upper & lower limits of the PF & the user oneself can set this range by duly considering the trends  in which the load varies.

The capacitor can be switched in 3 mode. One is Cyclic mode, another is First in Last out mods and yet another is First in First out mode. The user may order any one of these. However FIFO mode is more powerful because the capacitors can be divided  in unequal ratings which helps in reducing the frequency of switching. In FIFO mode, switching starts with the smallest unit thus it prevents adding or deducting a big capacitor.ich further avoids wide variation in power factor and thus reduces the frequency of switching. To add to this, the Relay has facility for setting two limits which can be widened or narrowed depending on how the load .

The PF controller features :

  • Digital PF indication with Lag / Lead Flag.
  • Facilty for setting Lower & upper limit of PF
  • Stage ON indicators
  • Facilty for setting no. Of active steps
  • Facility for setting CT ratio


Optional Features:
Low PF alarm become active if the PF remains low even after all steps turn ON
No Load Compensation : Switches one Capacitor ON if transformer is at NO load. Thus maintains No load PF.

Pasayadan Electricals can Survey the load and suggest a design that can improve the PF to the best possible amplitude with Capacitor rating and ratings of other components. PASAYADAN ELECTRICALS can also supply such systems upto 6.6KV with necessary control equipment and protective relaying.


  • Linearity of more than 160%.
  • No joints inside the coil.
  • Losses not exceeding 2.7% at rated current.
  • Value accuracy within ± 1.5%.
  • Fully copper winding with tin plated terminals and connections.
  • Winding kept open to atmosphere for efficient cooling.
  • Noise level less than 60 dB
  • Inductance phase values within ±1.2%.
  • Tempertature rise not exceeding 60-62 c above ambient at rated current.
  • Coils wound with multiple-conductors to reduce skin effect.

  • APFC Panel 01

  • APFC Panel 02

  • APFC Panel 03

  • APFC Panel 04

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