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LT Capacitors

LT Capacitors

LT Power Capacitors
Pasayadan Electricals Products are based on modern design technique and high quality standards. Flexibility of these products to supply and install as per customer requirements.

Applied Standards : The capacitors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the provisions of the IS 13585 for LT, 13925 for HT and latest IEC publication. Confirmance to other standards is also available on requirement.

Operating Conditions :

  • Installation : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Ambient Temp : -10°C to +60'C
  • Temp Category 50°C

For L. T. Capacitors :

  • Rated Voltage - 415 - 440 VAC ( Capacitors for other voltage are also available upto 1.0 KV )
  • Rated KVAR - 1 KVAR to 25 KVAR
  • Rated Frequency - 50 Hz
  • Phase & Connection - Single / Three Phase with Internally Delta Connection
  • Insulation Level - 3 KV

Design & Construction :

  • The Pasayadan Electricals Capacitors comprise specially processed Mix dielectric / PP film, High purity grade Aluminum Foil & filled with Non - PCB synthetic Insulating Agent which has proved non - toxic and environmentally compatible.
  • The Capacitor is normally designed suitable for mounting in vertical position with Bushing on the top.
  • The Bushings shall be of Epoxy Ceramic I Porcelain insulators having a standard creepage distance with terminals which are equipped with Tin - Plated brass.
  • The Capacitor container is made of CRCA sheet with all joints welded.

Electrical Performance :

  • Last  Voltage and Harmonics. 
  • The following tests are carried out on every Capacitor according to the stipulations of the standard to ensure Service ability.
    • Dielectric Strength
    • Capacitance (output)
    • Insulation Resistance
    • Capacitor Losses
    • Sealing.

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  • LT Capacitors 02

  • LT Capacitors 03

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