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Water Cooled Capacitor Repairing Services

Water Cooled Capacitor Repairing Services

Process : The raw material used for Repairs of Capacitors is from the world’s fore most Manufacturers of BOPP film, Aluminum Foil and Insulating Oil. The repairs are carried out in a strict Quality Controlled Process & stage wise Inspection is carried out. All the capacitors are individually Routine Tested to comply fully with IS / IEC specifications.

The Capacitor to be repaired is opened and the Capacitor elements are tested. The short elements are removed & New Capacitor elements made by Bi – axially oriented, double side hazy electrical grade Polypropylene film & high purity Aluminum foil. These elements are flattened, electrically tested & assembled in pack form, for soldering & electrical connections. After putting this pack in casing is subjected to a very high level vacuum, under which it is impregnated with Non-PCB electrical grade Insulating Oil. Then Repaired Capacitors are then tested for leakage & Routine Tests.

Our experience in this field, our strict quality control & use of highly pure electrical grade material ensure to give us full guarantee of performance of Repaired Capacitors.

The Repairs being cost effective and in @ 40 to 50 % cost of New Capacitor.


Water Cooled Capacitor is a Heart of Induction Heating Equipments. It differs in ratings as per the application of the equipments. The normal range of repairs of capacitors are as under.


Output Upto 8400 KVAR.
Voltage Upto 4000 V AC / DC.
Frequency Upto 50,000 Hz.
IS Slandered As per IS 9251 / IEC 60110 - 1.

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